What is Intelligent Video Analytics?

The main objective of video analytics is to accurately identify structural and physical events in photos and videos. An individual who moves strangely, traffic rules that are not followed, the unexpected occurrence of flames and smoke; these are only a mere examples of what a video analytics solution can track.


Real-time video analytics and video mining

Typically, these systems conduct real-time monitoring in which object characteristics, patterns of motion, or actions relevant to the controlled environment are detected. Drivers find a vacant spot by analyzing images from security cameras. However, video analytics can also be used to analyze past data for mine insights. This role of forensic analysis will identify trends and patterns that address industry questions such as:

When is the customer's attendance at its greatest in my shop and what is their demographics? How many times the traffic rules are broken, and what are the unique car license plates doing it?

Video analytics with deep learning

Using Deep Neural Networks has made it much easier to train video analysis models that imitate human behavior, resulting in a fundamental change. It began with models based on classic computer vision techniques (e.g. triggering a warning if the camera image gets too dark or differs significantly) and progressed to systems capable of recognizing and tracking particular objects in the image. Neutral networks helps in acheiving this.


Video Analytics Applications



Optical character recognition technology is a process to recognize text and images, such as scanned documents and photos.



The process of detecting and recognizing license plates using advanced Video analytics and machine learning solutions.


Crowd Detection

Edge-based video analytics that estimates the number of people within a given area in real time and segment them.


Face Recognition

The method of recognizing an individual by identifying and comparing characteristics based on the facial features of a person.


People Counter

People Counter is a built-in video analytics system and counts the number of people passing through an entry and exit point.


Object Detection

Object Detection is an integrated video analytics system configured for the detection and monitoring of movements.

How does Video analytics in Monitoring works



Airpix integrates various types of physical and digital data resources from CCTV cameras.



Airpix analytics engine is designed to organize, analyze, and visualize massive volumes of data.



Produced insights are then prepared in customizable dashboards for you in real-time to use.



Airpix video analytics enables you to obtain accurate metrics and real-time data on customers.

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