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Machine Learning in India

Bring Intelligence and Automation in your Business

Our machine learning software development services involve creating self learning algorithms that can minimize errors and maximize accuracy with time. Systems powered by Machine learning in action can analyze data and learn new things from them which results in fast and reliable insights delivered without any human intervention.

360 Degree Capture :

End-to-end, 360-degree coverage of our services and solutions from assessments to managed services with complete automation.

User Interface Development :

Using UI technologies for intuitive designing and better engagement.

Intelligent Video Analytics

Our intelligent Video Analytics models and ai camera can see and understand your videos to identify & tag different entities in a video. Whether it is live sports, surveillance videos, TV shows or movies, we can tag granular features in your video content to help you create better content, promote brands and index content for better search, recommendation and discovery

Automated Video Intelligence solutions and services for the organization’s regular tasks that require immense human efforts.

Automatic monitoring and effective control of remote assets


Image recognition

Endless Possibilities at your Fingertips.

The practical possibilities of computer vision and image analytics are endless, from creating better customer experiences on your website to monitoring your residential space for safety. We can help make your ideas on how to use computer vision capture artificial intelligence come to life.

Predictive Analysis

Optimize your tomorrow and drive greater business results with forward-looking insights

AIRPIX Solutions provides flexible and state-of-the-art solutions for obtaining actionable insights into your existing data, and processes, resulting in smarter, more efficient decisions and better business performance. Through predicting emerging trends, strategic steps are taken to reduce risk and make straightforward decisions with much greater confidence to achieve desired outcomes.


Smart Urban Video Analytics

Traffic Management system:

AIRPIX also equips various businesses by providing the ultra-powerful Traffic Management system which comprises No Parking detection, Wrong-Way Vehicle Detection, Polluting Vehicle Detection, No Helmet Detection, Triple Riding Detection, etc.

Crowd Management :

The Crowd Management solution detects crowd formation, people count, their movement and analyzes crowd flow. In addition, detects sudden random movement of crowd in the monitored area along with providing overcrowd alert against crowd count crossing a defined threshold value.

Object Classification | Traffic Management | Crowd Management | Garbage Management | Debris & Litter Detection | Loitering Detection | Unattended Object

Autonomous Traffic Count Classification and Management

Intelligent Video Analytics :

Public safety and security organizations can include advanced search and car analytics functionalities into their software to find or redact relevant information in video records

Traffic Analytics :

Cities are getting smarter and by using Big Data supplied by the traffic surveillance cameras, the transportation systems can be managed more efficiently.

Digital Asset Management :

Organizing and retrieving multimedia content like photos and videos. Building searchable databases for video and image archives.

No Seat Belt Detection System | Detection of Use of Cell Phone While Driving | No Helmet Detection System | Triple Riding Detection | Automatic Number Plate Recognition | Red Light Violation Detection | Overspeed Detection | e-Challan/e-Ticket Generation | Wrong Way & No Parking Detection | Traffic Congestion Detection | Vehicle Classification | Smart Dashboard | Data Visualization Platform

Industrial Safety and Security

AI Powered Industrial Safety & Security solution

AI Stands Guard for the Future

Our intelligent algorithms detect in real-time safety hazards in industrial plants and locations such as no safety helmet, objects in risk-prone areas, the level indication of liquids & gases and movement of people & vehicle to save critical human life and time.

Natural Language Understanding

A majority of the classic natural language processing techniques attempt to process text without understanding the meaning of words. Deep learning enables machines to overcome this problem by training large neural networks in an environment with similar objects, relationships, and dynamics as our own making these models far more powerful. Our Natural Language models go beyond the traditional topic and sentiment analysis and give you the ability to build custom chat-bots, fraud detection agents, auto response systems and other powerful natural language understanding systems at unprecedented accuracy levels.

Powerful Insights :

Engage with a full suite of progressive text analytics features to extract entities, relationships, keywords, semantic roles and more.

Domain Customization :

Apply the knowledge of unique entities and relations in your industry or organization to your information.

Natural Language processing
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