Document Capturing Solutions using AI

Traditional data entry automation software focuses on the use of optical character recognition (OCR) as the centrepiece of data extraction. This often requires experts to manually create layout templates and rules outlining the data extraction patterns for each different document design processed.

While this traditional version of data automation software seems gruelling and time-consuming, Airpix’s artificial intelligence (AI) engine is technologically light years ahead!

With no templates required, Airpix makes Setup a simple and easy process to complete. By looking at and understanding language, document types, context and the finest details of how various documents are structured, Airpix’s OCR AI engine autonomously builds a deep understanding of your documents and the data within them. It’s a “set and forget” engine as it will self-learn new document designs without the need for adding new templates.

Key Features


Simple Set-up

No templates or long manual setup are required. Just tell the engine what data you want and our solution will capture it. Get our OCR solution up and running in minutes!


Capture from a Variety of Document Types

Whether it’s image files (.PNG, .TIF, .JPEG), scanned documents, or digital files (PDF, email, CSV, XLS, ODT), Airpix optical character recognition solution can extract text and images and read the image.


Super Quick Data Scanning and Capture

Become paperless overnight! With Airpix’s super quick data scanning and capture, you can see the captured data (along with a copy of the original document) in your software in seconds!

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How does it work

Capture :

Capture any type of document from any source with this solution.

Robust classification :

Identify and sort documents using supervised machine learning.

Extract :

Easily extract data in any format you want.

Deliver :

Automatically creates backup for your scanned documents.

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