Key Features


Face Detection

Identify faces of each individual through thermal & visual camera's.


Safe (non-contact)

Differentiating people on basis of safe (green) and unsafe (red).


High Efficiency

Search for someone's face through our analytic platform and database.


Automatic Age detection

Automatically Segmenting the exact age of a person.


Detecting High Temperature

Automatically Detecting body temperature of each individual; either male or female.


Body Scan

Automatically scanning of people in crowds, audiences, and groups.


See, detect, and fetch insights

Our face recognition services harness the power of deep learning techniques to help the healthcare industry to identify faces, body scan, and check body temperature with automatic age detection, etc. We empower healthcare with face detection technology to get better and consistent insights with the aid of graphical processing units (GPU) or dedicated processors.

What We Offer

We have a setup of thermal and visual cameras. The feed from these two cameras are processed in realtime on an Edge System which detects persons and their faces. We use the thermal feed to get the temperature of the person. In case the temperature of the person exceeds a value, we raise an alert with the security along with logging a snapshot of the person and his temperature. This helps us identify the persons in crowded locations along with their face data so that it becomes easy for the security to reach out to him and separate him from the crowd.

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