Airpix India offers ANPR which is also known as License Plate Recognition (LPR) is a technology that uses advanced image processing and optical character recognition on video streams/images to read vehicle registration plates in real time to generate vehicle data.

The advanced ANPR/LPR technology is part of our AIRPIX video analytics suite and is powered with several software versions best suited for various computer vision and OCR application environments. It offers a flexible API that provides effective implementation with various types of security systems. The ANPR technology can be easily customized to accommodate a variety of applications.

Importance of ANPR in India

India with its 1 billion people population, has a unique set of needs for ANPR. The primary purpose of ANPR is in highway monitoring, parking management, and neighborhood law enforcement security.

ANPR India is used to monitor the vehicles’ average speed and can identify the vehicles that exceed the speed limit. In this case, a fine ticket can be produced immediately.. This helps to maintain law. which, in turn, can minimize the number of road incidents. ANPR India provides the best solution for managing parking. Cars with registered plates may enter parking areas automatically, while unregistered vehicles will be charged by check-in and check-out time. Car number plates can be directly linked to the owner's mobile phone, and parking tickets can be paid directly from the user's account against the generated ticket number without any extra effort. ANPR can support a cloud-based system pre-book and prepay platform for parking.

In India 200,000 cars are stolen per year. This number can be reduced if proper steps are taken and the ANPR system is used to track cars so that, if the vehicles are stolen, the law enforcement authorities will be able to identify when, where and the route taken by the stolen vehicle. This can help bring justice to such a vast nation quickly..

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) service provider in India

AIRPIX India's Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system is based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, offering a robust and a ready-to-integrate model, capturing various types of license plates. Our systems are capable of identifying, and capturing license plates, and forwarding information and data to the control room for further processing. This helps to provide additional support to law enforcement as well as ensuring safety.

How does the ANPR system work?

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automated parking

Automated Parking Solution

Ideal for retail stores, hotels, hospitals and any organization that is looking to provide a free-flow experience.

parking solutions

Parking Area Monitoring

Helps to control parking occupancy efficiently and recognize empty parking spots, parking time, etc.

gated community security

Gated Community Security

Recognizes cars, and effective parking time of the car in the parking area ensuring complete safety.

toll booth detection system

Automated Toll System and Security

Detects the number plate, and effective payments with almost zero-human intrusion.

Red light Violation

Traffic Violation Identification

Recognizes signals, accidents, lane departure, and wrong turns with a car make and model recognition system

vehicle classification and counting

Traffic count and classification

From videos, we are able to deliver a complete traffic analysis and monitoring, and also in real-time from a camera stream.

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Airpix ANPR solutions provide innumerable benefits to people living in cities andneighborhoods by providing adequate security and protection.


Vehicle surveillance


Parking management


Better traffic monitoring


Efficient data analytics


Accurate real-time Data


Community security

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