What we offer

Airpix Ai-powered technology helps businesses make sense of this data by attaching a video analytics coat that makes the system capable of tracking on behalf of the human eye. Our algorithms will recognize and automatically report any anomalies in standard operating procedures (SOPs), and make them trackable for all authorized stakeholders within the organization.

Key Features

Airpix face detection

Any Video

Our next-gen algorithms work on video from any camera source, including any type of mobile camera.

Airpix face identification

Real Time

Analyze a large number of real-time IP cameras for a vast array of multi-class detections and events.

Airpix face verification


Perform video inspections at a speed of 20x, save thousands of man-hours, and capture data from the public.

Airpix age detection

Customized Analytics

Airpix's state of the art deep learning platform supports customizable Video analytics

Airpix gender detection

Face Recognition

Our industry-leading face recognition and subject search is just a drop in the bucket of our capabilities.

Airpix multi-face tracking

Robust Rules Engine

Create real-time alerts around multi-class detections, interest zones, face recognition, subject search, etc.


Video Surveillance in other scenarios

videomanagement and analytics

Airpix video analytics delivers total-environment intelligence in real-time that optimizes how physical spaces are used.

Public Safety

Airpix AI achieves a 20x increase in central monitoring and an investigative video review.

smart urban

Airpix empowers the modern educational institution with the tools needed to keep their campus, safe and secure.


Airpix provides entertainment facilities like Stadiums with situational awareness and timely actionable intelligence.

traffic managements

Airpix helps keep your patients and staff safe by delivering timely situational awareness and advanced security.

And more

Airpix can be deployed in other verticals like Transportation, Critical Infrastructure and more.