What is Face Detection

Face detection also called facial detection, face identifier, facial recognition is an artificial intelligence (AI) based computer technology used to find and identify human faces in digital images. Face detection technology can be applied to various fields including security, biometrics, law enforcement, entertainment and personal safety to provide surveillance and tracking of people in real time.

Face detection applications use algorithms and ML to find human faces within larger images, which often incorporate other non-face objects such as landscapes, buildings and other human body parts like feet or hands. Facial recognition algorithms typically start by searching for human eyes one of the easiest features to detect. The algorithm might then attempt to detect eyebrows, the mouth, nose, nostrils and the iris. Once the algorithm concludes that it has found a facial region, it applies additional tests to confirm that it has, in fact, detected a face.

Facial recognition software serves the purpose of face verification, mulitiple face recognition, gender detection this is useful across industries and spheres to generate data and insights and maintain safety and secure environment. Video analytics gives real time reports for analytics

Key Features


Face Detection

Identify faces in both photos and images.


Face Identification

Search and detect faces through our solutions.


Face Verification

Search for someone's face in our video analytic platform.


Automatic Age detection

Segmenting the exact age of a person


Gender Detection

Detects the gender of each individual either male or female.


Multiple-face Recognition

Simultaneously Detects and recognize crowds, audiences, and groups.


Facial Integration

Detect and recognize the size, eyes, jaw, and key points of an individual.


Theft Detection system

Ensure security by checking the actions of a person.


Diversity Recognition

Checking the diversity of the human by recognizing the face.

See , Detect and fetch Insights

Our face recognition services harness the power of deep learning techniques to help businesses identify faces in a crowd, including complicated scenes with poor lighting situations. We empower businesses with face detection to get better and consistent insights with the aid of graphical processing units (GPU) or dedicated processors.

Develop new value through your CRM and Video Analytics

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Organize your custom report within a minute

No more waiting for days to see your data. Airpix offers advanced filtering options, our reporting software facilitates to organize and manage the report according to your specific requirements.

CRM and Video Analytics

Data privacy and processing

Airpix’s tracking and analysis platform help in processing customer data with in-house servers. No videos, pictures, or data are stored. And all of the knowledgable data is kept intact and safe through top-grade encryption.

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