AI in Construction

In huge companies, it is quite challenging to track the process from the very beginning. With AI-powered applications, you can manage task scheduling and reallocation. A good example is a smart schedule, which can help a manager or business owner plan workload better to avoid any possible delays–as it tracks any events that can impact the deadlines.

Making Construction Industry Smart

Smart Construction eases the process of project monitoring , and AIRPIX’s video analytics products are a key component in getting accurate data and precise metrics, automatically detect anomalies on-site using our Computer vision softwares. PPE Detection can help to enhance the safety compliance features which will eventually drop down the probability of incidents. AI in Construction go hand in hand and is very influential in getting accurate data and information

Key Features of Smart Construction


PPE Detection


Defect Detection


Progress Monitoring


Real-time analysis


Actionable Insights


Dashboard with cloud support


Intelligent Construction powered by AI

PPE Detection using AI

Personal Protective Equipment is the provision that assures the user against health or safety risks. Not wearing PPE adequately increases the probability and risk of injuries and in many cases often leads to financial losses due to penalties for injuries and death of workers in addition to epidemics caused by not using safety equipment. Modern computer vision advancements have driven new solutions with the ability to reduce accidents, save lives along with money and time.

Defect analysis using Artificial intelligence

Defect analysis is a continuous process of quality improvement and planning. Detecting defects are classified into different categories and are also used to identify the possible causes in order to prevent the problems from occurring. It helps projects to identify how issues can be prevented and in reducing or eliminating significant numbers of defects from being injected into the system.


Innovative Dashboard Support

  • Gain real-time visibility and transparency
  • Proactively identify and mitigate project risks
  • Track jobsite health to minimize schedule surprises
  • Improve safety and compliance to reduce liability issues

Why Smart Construction Solution from AIRPIX?


Fast, Accurate, Reliable

Triggers alerts quickly and accurately, in different forms.


Multiple Cameras and Platforms

Runs on indoor/outdoor cameras. Can run in-camera, on-premise, on-cloud.


AI and Deep Learning-based Technology

The widest and most advanced portfolio of video analytics in the market today

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