Footfall Analytics for Offline Retail

Using AI powered computer vision, AIRPIX provides accurate and real time insights on footfall insights for the brick and mortar retail stores. On a central dashboard that you can access from anywhere, you get complete insights on customer walkins, customer demographics, customer journey and sales performance thus giving you a comprehensive footfall analytics for you to take actionable decisions to benchmark and improve store performances across all locations.

Higher ROI with Actionable Insights

AIRPIX’s customer focussed AI analytics, helps retail brands to convert their store videos into actionable data points that provide valuable data on customer behaviours and interactions in-store, customer engagement with products and employees and operational & visual merchandising compliances. With real time shopper tracking, retail brands can now better understand their customer journey within the stores and design winning experiences for better return on investment from their stores

Improve customer experience, optimize the number of staff employed at stores and improve sales conversion percentage at retail outlets with real time insights on your finger tips.

Key Features of AIRPIX Retail Analytics


Staff Identification

Unlike standard footfall counters, AIRPIX systems can differentiate staff and vendors from customers, thus delivering you with unparalleled footfall count accuracy in stores


Repeat Customers

AIRPIX AI algorithms can detect and alert you whenever a repeat customer enters any of your retail stores thus aiding you to cater to your loyal customers better and improve sales efficiency as well as revenue.


Dwell Time

Understand where your customers are spending time in the stores, which sections of the stores is attracting maximum attention and how you can change your product placements to be able to generate more revenue from your stores.


Turn Around Time

Analyze the trend on whether you are able to get more customers to spend more time in your stores and be alerted whenever the trend is on a decline at a store level, region level or at zone level.


Store Occupancy

One of the most important insight derived from footfall analytics is to understand what are the occupancy trends within the stores and how to optimize the number of staff to be engaged.


Customer Route

Decode customer journey within the stores to understand ways to improve cross sell and upsell opportunities in the stores to drive more revenue.

Smart Retail and Business Intelligence


Higher ROI

Our proprietary AI algorithms, ensure efficient analytics with optimum processing power thus providing retail brands the pricing options that are flexible and generate higher ROI on a low capex and pay as you go opex mode.


KPI based Dashboards

AIRPIX’s interactive dashboard helps you to correlate footfall analytics and customer demographics data with time of day, retail location, month, and marketing events. Configure alerts, centrally deploy & control analytics, receive recommendations & observations and get notifications when at any of the stores the system is down - all under one single dashboard.


Customer Journey

Our AI based analytics keeps track of how customers are lining up and being served. The system can track customer journey, record wait times and aid management in distributing staff while ensuring a high quality service for the customers.

Why Smart Retail from AIRPIX?


Customer Demographics

Know more about customers going in and out of locations – age, gender, patterns and preferences


Product Metrics

Know which products and promotions are hot and which are not


Staff Distribution

Know if service staff are optimally positioned and distributed to attend to the needs of your customers

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