Invoice Scanning

Document scanning services provided by Airpix India can convert your piles of invoice copies into convenient and easily manageable digital files. It doesn't just help in making it easy to find any required piece of information whenever needed, but also it occupies very little space. Besides, it offers great cost-cutting by eliminating the need to store information in physical form.

Airpix India has a dedicated team of highly efficient professionals to offer you invoice and document scanning services including OCR, proofreading and digitization of all your paper documents and stringent quality checking to ensure best outcome within the stipulated time. We use the best available resources including state-of-the-art scanners to give you amazing output.


How does it work

Capture :

Capture any type of document from any source with this solution.

Robust classification :

Identify and sort documents using supervised machine learning.

Extract :

Easily extract data in any format you want.

Deliver :

Automatically creates backup for your scanned documents.

Key Features


Clean Extracted Document Data

During the process, our powerful OCR engine locates text and extracts the data directly from the drawing.


All Extracted Data is Searchable!

After going through the process your engineering drawings become searchable.


Location Data and Coordinates

This output format is combined with an XML of the drawings data with location coding of each piece of data and it’s coordinates.


Simple Interface

The advanced user interface includes many features to help the engineer or user find the drawing or part they are looking for with our powerful search tool on the user interface.



Additional settings are included to maximize flexibility and changing needs per project.


Recognition of ALL text!

The system is unique in the fact that it can recognize not only horizontal text but vertical and optional orthogonal text. This ability is unique to our system and developed over a long period of time.

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