Our advanced video analysis to analyze videos of all kinds of traffic in a fast and reliable way. All our applications work both in real-time and offline, so from the time the camera is set up the results will be available.

Traffic Counting

With the development of advanced computing infrastructure and digital image processing, the use of video-based and ATCC technologies in India has evolved vehicle detection which has received increasing attention. Video sources can provide overall data about the vehicles and are easy and cost-effective, From videos of traffic, we are able to deliver a complete traffic analysis and monitoring, from a video and also in real-time from a camera stream. Examples of the results are the number of cars, bikes, peoples, trucks, buses and so on.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

From videos of cars, we can do license plate recognition both in real-time and from prerecorded videos analyze the traffic in several ways such as counting the number of cars

  • Fast and easy to search and browse registered license plates
  • Efficient license plate recognition with a minimal error rate
  • Recognition of license plates from the different States
  • Camera position adjustment
  • Recognition area adjustment to optimize system load
  • Lighting condition adaptive algorithm


By easily installing a camera which films the parking area we can deliver real-time analysis of several aspects including :

  • Number free and used parking spots.
  • The average time a car stays at a parking spot, both for the whole parking lot and for individual parking spots.
  • Number of cars unable to find a parking

Triple Riding Detection System (TRDS)

In real-time it detects those individuals who are riding triple seat on the two-wheelers. Airpix technology not only detects the number plate of a two-wheeler with Number Plate Detection but can also generate an alert with the evidence video.

Two-wheelers are reckoned for the highest share in total road crashes. Airpix’s Video Analytics Surveillance offers Triple Riding Detection which commits to reduce road accidents and enforce traffic disciplines amongst citizens.


Red light Violation

The design, development, and testing of an AI-Vision powered Traffic-Light prototype has been carried out to regulate intersections. Methods and algorithms have been built up with that purpose to provide the analysis of images and decisions making at real-time.

No Helmet detection

The primary application of helmet detection is in traffic roads where accidents are common. Even though various measures are taken by the government, it is not followed correctly by the motorcyclists, AIrpix offers an innovative way through the help of computer vision technology that can detect a motorcyclist with a helmet or without a helmet

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